What is CCG?

An innovative economic system, a tutelary manager of our transactions (collections and payments) managed by a Public Entity. It is registered in Intellectual Property with worldwide protection.

CCG is a economic system of unique control that does not currently exist in any country. With it, the State becomes the channel through which transactions pass, allowing it, depending on the profitability of the market, to retain them in a linear or gradual manner (with a term agreed with each party) and to terminate them when appropriate.  This modus operandi will turn whoever applies it into a totally efficient and profitable economy as far as transactions are concerned.


New System

An innovative economic system, a tutelary manager of our transactions (collections and payments) managed by a Public Entity.


Fully Transparent

It will improve the behavior of consumers, companies, workers, investors due to the transparency generated.


Fully Automated

An automatic control process within the Macroeconomic field, developed to be integrated with the other existing Economies and which will have a positive impact on the Microeconomy.


Good for everyone

Direct and indirect benefits for all parties, as well as the creation of value as a Country / State.

How CCG works

A digital process under software/application


The user (individual, entity or company) obliged to pay, enters into the CCG system. With the agreed and negotiated conditions.

The State using the CCG System receives the payment, performs an automatic check of the funds and withholds it 24/48/72… hours as agreed.

During the holding period and depending on the profitability and market situation, the State makes a profit on the funds.

After the agreed term of the transaction, CCG-System makes payment to the beneficiary’s account on the stipulated date and reimburses all parties.


We detail the phases for incorporating the CCG

The implementation consists of several unrelated phases, with the possibility of adding other scenarios either on actions/business sectors or on the relationship with Taxes.

Summary of advantages

Contribution of the system to the state economy and society.


Control and Economic Management

This system allows a tutelary management by a Public Entity and what this entails: improvement in transparency, control and regulation of wages, mortgage control ...


Remuneration for all parties

The three parties involved in the transaction are paid, both the payer, the collector and the CCG system itself.


Improvements for the State

Reduction of the country’s submerged economy, trust is generated and value is added to the country. It even helps to pay the public debt and improves the control of tax evasion.


Passive tax payment system

There is a possibility that the CCG will become a passive system for collecting taxes without the state reducing its rates.


Payment Guarantee

With this system, there is a controlled payment and collection compliance and regulation. In this way, there will be no delays in payments / collections and they will arrive on time.


Reduction of the tax burden of the State

Thanks to the CCG system, the State can consider reducing the tax burden while maintaining or even increasing its income thanks to the benefits.

Contact with CCG

If you need more information about the CCG system, send us an e-mail at hello@ccgsystem.com